Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I submit my book? Entries may be submitted online or in hard copy.

How many pages does my book need to be? Completed books must be at least 20 pages, which can be 20 individual pages or 10 2-page spreads.

I wrote a book but it’s in English. Can I submit it? At this time, we ask that all books have a second language. If you wrote a book in English, think about partnering with a student in a World Language class or a friend who is fluent!

What languages are you currently accepting? At this time, we do not have any limitations on languages that can be submitted, however, we prefer languages that have tested AP classes including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.

I worked with a friend. Can we both be authors? Yes! Books can have 2 authors and 2 illustrators noted.

I wrote a book but I don’t have illustrations. What should I do? All books must have original artwork submitted. If you are not comfortable doing the illustrations, you can partner with an advanced art student.

What medium can I use for my illustrations? Illustrations can be any medium that is appropriate for book illustrations including drawing, painting (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc.), collage, digital art, photography, etc.

Please note that applicants are responsible for getting consent from individuals who are recognizable in your work (photographs, etc.) By signing the submission form, you indicate you have their permission. Please have them sign a formal waiver – here is an example that you can use. (coming soon!)

I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start. How can I plan to write my book? Don’t worry- we can help you plan! check out some of our templates for layout and storyboarding (coming soon!).

I am a World Language teachers and I want to use this as a unit plan for my students. Do you have any resources for me? Yes! Visit our Lesson Plan page to find resources, lesson plans and other tips for including this project as part of your world language curriculum. Check back often as we add resources!

How does this project connect to World Language teaching standards? Please review this publication for some great information about world language standards.

I used clip art or a stock image for my book. Is that ok? No. We encourage all students to be original and creative in their story and illustrations. We urge you to visit the Scholastic website for more information about copyright laws. We will not publish anything that knowingly infringes on any copyright. to-Copyright-and-Plagiarism.pdf.

What happens after I submit my book? After submission, a team of judges will evaluate all entries and choose a slate of finalists, who will be invited to submit their original illustrations and sign a publishing agreement with Owl Publishing, LLC.  Once the agreement is signed, you will work with an editor, embed the text in your illustrations and get your book published!

Where published books be sold? All published books will be available on, Barnes and Noble’s website, other online retailers and through Creo En Ti’s website, among other locations.

Do you have any other questions? Send us an email at