Spanish Books

Dante el Elefante

Written & Illustrated by Ashlyn Aumiller

Conoce a Dante, un elefante pequeño que vive en la selva. ¡Vea las aventuras de Dante en Español e Inglés en este nuevo libro bilingüe!

Meet Dante, a small elephant who lives in the jungle. See Dante’s adventures in Spanish and English in this new bilingual book!

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¿Donde Estan Mis Botas?

Written & Illustrated by Kaitlyn Boyce

¡Aprende español y ayuda a Maya a encontrar sus botas rojas favoritas!

Learn Spanish and help Maya find her favorite red boots!

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Plastico no es fantastico

Written by Kayla Swope & Illustrated by Amber Swaisgood

¿Cómo podemos hacer que los océanos sean más seguros para las tortugas marinas? ¡Nina y Tito nos pueden mostrar!

How can we make the oceans safer for sea turtles? Nina and Tito can show us!

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Del Camino Al Mundo

Written & Illustrated by Marlee Starliper

¡Viajar con Alina en su aventura por España, y aprender sobre El Camino a lo largo del camino! El primer viaje de Alina lleva a otro…¡así que venir y ver todos los lugares nuevos para explorar en cada página!

Join Alina on her adventure through Spain, and learn about El Camino along the way! Alina’s first journey leads to another…so come along and see all the new places to explore on every page!

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Una Decision Importante

Written by Meredith Engle & Illustrated by Taylor Hoffman

Una Decisión Importante es un cuento de un niño Miguel. Él no sabe como hacer su decisión, y tiene que consultar su familia ayudarle. Finalmente, Miguel aprende como hacerla.

Una Decisión Importante is a cute story about a boy, Miguel. He doesn’t know how to make his decision, and has to ask his family for help. In the end, Miguel learns how to make it.

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Pinto el Pelirrojo Perdido

Written by Jackson Fisher & Illustrated by Avery Keys

Durante un viaje a la ciudad con su madre Pinto Pelirrojo sigue una paloma por las calles. ¿Qué aventuras tendrán?

During Pinto Pelirrojo’s trip to the city with his mom, he follows a pigeon through the streets. What adventures will they have?

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Sammy el Cordero

Written & Illustrated by Jackson Hazen

Sammy is a lamb who loves playing soccer with his friends. His family moves to a different field, and Sammy is scared. Will he find new friends?

Sammy es un cordero al que le encanta jugar al fútbol con sus amigos. Su familia se muda a otro campo y Sammy tiene miedo. ¿Encontrará nuevos amigos?

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Written by Erin Rounds & Illustrated by Heather Schmitz

To Ito, everything looks big. Join Ito and his hermana, Mana, as they explore nature, bringing Spanish and English words together in this bilingual adventure. Watch the abejas and the flores, and meet the mariposas and the ardillas. A fun and engaging bilingual English/Spanish book, ITO opens conversations with children about what they see in the world and teaches children Spanish words that can enhance their vocabulary and give them the tools to describe their world.

Hidden Kindness

Written by Lisa Pietropola & Illustrated by Anne Pietropola

What is kindness? Who gives it? Who can receive it? Find these answers as you go on an adventure filled with imagination and creativity. Sometimes, the path we walk reveals so much more, if only we look for the hidden treasures.

¿Qué es amabilidad? ¿Quién la da? ¿Quién la recibe? Busca estas respuestas como va de una aventura con imaginación y creatividad. A veces, la senda muestra mucho más si simplemente buscamos los tesoros escondidos.

El Amigo Eterno

Written by Isabella Lindia & Illustrated by Ava Lindia

Una niña llamada Bernadette vive en Iquitos, Perú. Se siente sola y pasa la mayoría de su tiempo en su habitación, ya que sus padres siempre están trabajando. Un día, ella escucha un sonido proveniente de los rieles de su ventana y ve un loro verde que está lastimado. Ella encuentra una media y la utiliza para cuidar al pájaro. Después de darse cuenta de que es hora de liberar al pájaro, ella se pone triste porque piensa que nunca va a verlo otra vez. Sin embargo, por sorpresa, el pájaro se convierte en un amigo eterno.

A little girl named Bernadette lives in Iquitos, Peru. She feels lonely and spends most of her time in her room, as her parents are always working. One day, she hears a chirp coming from her window sill and sees an injured bird (loro verde). She finds a sock and uses it to nurse the bird back to health. After realizing that it was time to release the bird back into nature, she becomes sad that she may never see it again. However, to her surprise, the bird ends up becoming an eternal friend.

El primer vuelo de Tunki

Written by Erin Prada & Illustrated by Ava Lindia and Isabella Lindia

Un joven gallito de las rocas que vive en la alta selva peruana está aprendiendo a volar. Sale del nido por primera vez y explora sus alrededores. Mientras que está volando por los árboles, una tormenta fuerte aparece y el pájaro pierde su camino. Cuando sale de la tormenta, se da cuenta de que ha cruzado de la selva a la sierra. Está perdido y no reconoce el nuevo ambiente. Una niña Quechua lo encuentra cuando está regresando a casa después del colegio y decide cuidarlo. Durante el tiempo que pasan juntos, ella le enseña sobre su vida en los Andes. Al día siguiente, lo ayuda volver a la selva.

A young gallito de las rocas living in the high Peruvian Amazon is learning to fly. He leaves the nest for the first time and explores his surroundings. As he flies through the trees, a strong storm appears and blows the bird off course. When he comes out of the storm, he realizes he has crossed from the jungle into the highlands. He is lost and does not recognize the new environment. A Quechua child on her way home from school finds him on the path and decides to care for him. During the time they spend together, she teaches the bird about her life in the Andes. The next day, she helps him return home.

French Books

l’Aventure de Sebastian

Written by Morgan Landis & Illustrated by Jacqueline Bell

Rencontrez Sebastian, un cochon qui n’a pas confiance en lui. Quand Sebastian n’aimait pas son apparence, il tenta de se changer jusqu’à ce qu’un ami l’aide à voir qu’il était parfait, exactement comme il était.

Meet Sebastian, a pig who is not confident in who he is. When Sebastian didn’t like the way he looked, he tried to change himself until a friend helped him see that he was perfect just the way he was.

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Le Prince et le Dragon

Written by Caroline Middendorf & Illustrated by Syndey Grimm

Explorez l’amitié, la famille et la responsabilité avec le prince et le dragon.

Explore friendship, family, and responsibility with the prince and the dragon.

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Le Petit Tournesol

Written & Illustrated by Natalie Saltzer

Lorsque grand-père tombe malade, son petit-fils commence à s’occuper du jardin. En conséquence, le petit tournesol devient grand et beau. Parfois, tout ce dont vous avez besoin est d’un peu d’aide pour vous épanouir.

When grandpa falls sick, his grandson begins to care for the garden. As a result, the little sunflower grows big and beautiful. Sometimes, all you need is a little help to flourish.

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La Petite Chevre

Written & Illustrated by Marissa Freed

Quand une petite chèvre rejoint accidentellement une équipe de pompiers, elle apprend qu’être soi-même est le plus beau cadeau qu’on peut donner. Montez avec eux dans leur camion et devenez un héros de tous les jours.

When a small goat accidentally joins a team of firefighters, he learns that sometimes just being yourself is the greatest gift you can give. Ride along with these firefighters and become an “everyday hero.”

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La Surprise Ensoleillée de François

Written by Connor Zody & Illustrated by Madalynn Gruber

Après une longue période de temps pluvieux, François la grenouille décide qu’il a besoin d’un temps ensoleillé. Il rend visite à Waldemar le Sorcier pour un sort pour enlever toute la pluie, mais les choses ne fonctionnent pas comme François l’attend. Il apprend vite que les choix ont des conséquences.

After a long time of rainy weather, François the frog decides that he needs sunny weather. He visits Waldemar the Wizard for a spell to take away all rain, but things don’t work out how François expects. He soon learns that choices have consequences.

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Les Aventures De Pierre

Les Aventures De Pierre

Written by Ryan Bolduc and Taylor Moorehead. Illustrated by Callum Bullers

Suivez Pierre dans son aventure autour du monde francophone. Avec des escales dans neuf pays différents, les expériences à vivre et les nouveaux amis à rencontrer en cours de route ne manquent pas!

Follow along with Pierre on his adventure around the Francophone world. With stops in nine different countries, there’s no shortage of experiences to learn from and new friends to meet along the way!

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L’Écharpe de Girafe

Written and Illustrated by Lily Lin

Une belle journée de neige, un groupe d’amis animaux vont à la montagne. Cependant, la girafe se rend compte qu’elle a oublié son écharpe, et il n’y a qu’un supplément de taille-lapin qui est disponible. Les animaux, comment utiliseront-ils la créativité pour réchauffer leur amie?

On a beautiful snowy day, a group of animal friends goes on a mountain trip. However, the giraffe realizes she forgot her scarf, and there is only a rabbit-sized extra available. How will the giraffe’s friends use creativity to keep their friend warm?

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